ONFF aktivatie

Op maandag 29 mei gaan er enkele ONZ leden ( on4ro en on7pp ) " Het Leen " te Eeklo aktiveren, en dit vanaf 06.30 u tot 10u30 GMT op 40 en 20 m
De ONFF referentie van Het Leen te Eeklo is ONFF-0115.
Gebruikte call ON7PP/P


Nieuwe site van ONFF: www.onff.be

Logo mag vrij gebruikt worden voor QSL

Hallo HAM friends,

Rules to apply for the "ONFF Award" are simple :

- The award is free and will be send to you by mail (electronic format), JPEG file.
- There are 5 different classes :
◾Class 3/Bronze : 10 QSO's have to be made with 10 different ONFF references.
◾Class 2/Silver : 25 QSO's have to be made with 25 different ONFF references.
◾Class 1/Gold : 50 QSO's have to be made with 50 different ONFF references.
◾Honour Roll Award : 100 QSO's have to be made with 100 different ONFF references.
◾Top Honour Roll Award: 200 QSO's have to be made with 200 different ONFF references.

◾All bands, all modes.

 How to apply:
◾All QSO's have to be verified by the WWFF log search.
◾Therefore you should be registered.
◾Fill in you call & password as requested. Only valid calls will be accepted.
◾Incase your are in the logserach with different calls, enter your calls separated by an comma.
◾Execute a search with you call as hunter or activator
◾Select the tab "Show programs and Awards"
◾You should see your search results for the different awards.
◾Go to ONFF. The logsearch will verify your log and tell you if you can apply for any of our ONFF Awards. Tick the "Apply for ONFF-H" or "Apply for ONFF-A"  box. Highlighted incase you meet our ONFF conditions. The logsearch result can be different for that one in your login program.
◾You should see on a refreshed page your request.
◾Later you shoud receive an confirmation request by mail.
◾Our Award Mgr will approve your request ( if you meet all conditions) and post to you the requested Award.
◾We ONLY accept input from this logsearch module.
◾SWL stations have to send a copy of their log, of 10/25/50 or 100/200 heard QSO's made from 10/25/50 or 100/200 different ONFF references.

Rules to apply for the "ONFF Activator Award" are simple :
◾The award is free, and free only, and will be send to you by mail (electronic format), JPEG file.
◾All activation to be controlled by the WWFF logsearch. Tab activator.

Good hunting to you all !

Gino, ON2SSB Award Manager.


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